High Voltage Architecture

DINTEC support manufacturers of utility vehicles and mobile machines in the design and development of the HV architecture and for the prototyping and serial production of the HV-Grid of their high-power Battery Electric (BEV), Hybrid or Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV).

The HV-Grid is the power backbone of your E-vehicle, enabling by design and integrated functionality the safe flow of electric power between the various E-components of your E-System. Voltage levels up to 1000 V and current levels up to 600 A are common.

The HV-Grid of such high power applications typically include: 

  • single / distributed  Power Distribution Units   (   PDUs   )  to distribute, protect, switch, pre-charge and monitor the electric power flow,
  •  HV Cables   interconnecting all E-components of the E-System, 
  • AC/DC - Interface Units to supply / retrieve electrical power to / from the E-vehicle (Charging Inlets, Coupling Modules, ePTO ), and
  • HV-Grid Control Unit  (GCU) to communicate with all sources and consumers of electric power and to control the safe state of and the power flow within the E-system - both from the HV-safety as well as functional Safety perspective.

For validation of the real life performance of the HV-Grid, DINTEC offers  HV Measurement Units, which can be looped into the HV-circuit of interest. The HV Measurement Unit (" Break-Out-Box ") then allows to dynamically measure the electrical properties, such als currents and voltages. The electrical properties are safely provided as analoge or CAN LV-signals. Further HV Test Boxes for Production and for Service support can be provided.

48 VDC - Systems will result in similar E-System Grids, as the required current quickly reach similar levels as for High Voltage high power system (HC-Grids).


Vehicle specific HV-safety concept, technology selection and HV-architecture, dimensioning of HV-cabling and fusing, and specification of PDU functions.


Architecture and safety compliant external and internal PDU design, engineering implementation and qualification,  prototype and serial realization.

HV Cabling

HV cabling concepts, HV cable specification, cable and connector selection, prototype and serial cable realization.

AC/DC Interface Units

Off-the-shelf AC/DC interface units for uni- or bidirectional transmission of electrical power between the e-vehicle and the user environment, or the vehicle body or implements. 

HV Grid Control Unit

Automotive grade Mobile Controller with functional safe HV Grid master control software, communicating with BMS, charge controller, all E-components and PDU sensors and actors and managing the state of the HV grid and the power flow.  

Engineering, Production and Service HV Test Boxes

HVAC or HVDC Break-Out-Boxes for engineering measurements, HV test boxes for production process or measurement boxes for servicing your e-vehicle.

You can rely on our years of experience in the design, implementation, prototyping and serial delivery of HV grids for utility vehicles and mobile machines.

Feel free to contact us in the early phases of your project realization, because we do not see ourselves as a supplier, but as a solution partner for your concerns.